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gda_imgThe new town of Gandhidham is located in the direct vicinity of the Major Port of Kandla. The master plan for the above was prepared by M/s Adams Howard and Greeley, American Town Planners under President Truman’s four point programme. The planning has been based on concept of the Neighborhood units and there are separate and distinct zones for the light and heavy Industries, Offices and Business. The plan covers an area of 5600 acres and it was approved by the Government of India under letter No. 3-PII (4)/51 dated 20.07.1951.
In between Gandhidham and the nearest town of Anjar and other villages there are vast agricultural lands which have certain sale transactions took place after development started at Gandhidham. This is likely to cause haphazard construction of buildings and lopsided development of the township. It was, therefore, considered necessary to undertake the legislation for preventing and controlling this haphazard development. The bill was passed by the Bombay State Assembly in the year 1957.

The Authority was constituted by the State Government under their Resolution No. TPS-3858(a) dated 08.08.1958 published in the Bombay Government Gazette part IVB, Extraordinary issue dated 11.08.1958. The GDA was created on 08.08.1958.

The purpose of creation of this act is reproduced as below:

On the periphery of the area covered by the Master Plan there are virgin and agricultural lands. Early in 1957, certain Sole transactions were noticed in respect of these lands. An attempt to change the user of agricultural land to non agricultural for erection of buildings and to set up factories thereon was also mode. It was feared that these conditions might lead to haphazard construction of buildings and lop sided development of the Township.more about functions & duties

Area Covered

The approved Master plan covers 5600 acres and the town is located about six miles from the port. Between the port and township it is tidal mud water which gets sub-merged at high water level between township and Anjar town, the Tuna there are vast agricultural lands. The area over which the control is to be exercised is about 13 miles from the Kandla Port and covers an area of 170 sq. miles (1, 08,800 Acres).

Passing of the Bill

The bill was introduced in the Legislative Assembly in 1957. It was passed by the Legislature in 1957 and received assent of the president on 09.02.1958, when it became an Act. It was published in the Bombay Government Gazette dated 13.02.1958 and Act came into force on 07.08.1958, the date specified by the State Government vide their Resolution No. TPS-3858-M dated 31.07.1958 published on P 350 of part IVB of the Bombay Government Gazette extraordinary issue dated 17.08.1958.

Functions and Duties

(1) The Authority is created with a view to the proper laying out of land, the prevention of haphazard erection of building and growth of sub-standard colonies and generally with a view to developing and expanding Gandhidham according to proper planning may, by notification in the Official Gazette, issue in relation to Gandhidham or any area thereof, such directions as it may consider necessary.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, but regard being had to the objects therein mentioned the Authority may, in particular, issue direction in relation to all or any of the following matters, that is to say -
(a) The division or sub-division of any site into plots for the erection of buildings, and the manner in which such plots may be allowed to intending purchasers or lessees.
(b) The allotment or reservation of land for roads, open spaces, gardens, recreation grounds, schools, markets and other public purposes.
(c) The development of any site into a colony and the restriction and conditions subject to which such development may be undertaken or carried out.
(d) The erection of building on any site and the restrictions and conditions in regard to the open spaces to be maintained in or around buildings, and the height and character of buildings.
(e) The alignment of building on any site.
(f) The architectural features of the elevation or frontage of any building to be erected on any site.
(g) The number of residential buildings which may be erected on any site.
(h) The amenities to be provided in relation to any site or building on such site, whether before or after the erection of building, and the person or Authority by whom such amenities are to be provided.
(i) The prohibition or restrictions regarding erection of shops, workshops, warehouses or factories, or building of a specified architectural feature or buildings designed for particular purposes in any locality.
(j) The regulation of use of any land for purposes of charcoal-kiln, pottery-kiln or lime-kiln or brick field or brick-kiln.
(k) The maintenance of walls, fences, hedges or any other structural or architectural construction and the height at which they shall be maintained.
(l) The restriction regarding the use of any site for purposes other than the erection of building.
(m) Any other matter, which in the opening of the Authority, is necessary for the proper planning of Gandhidham and for preventing buildings being erected haphazardly therein.